Air D’Limau Nipis Special (RM3.90)

Finally, for the first time, in this brand new dotdotjelly.com, i posted something about food lol ,this also means that i just took my 1st step into the world of food blogging.

Orait! now I’m going to write about the one and only, Air D’Limau Nipis Special. When i first saw it i thought it was just some ordinary ice-cream float. But after i tried it, suddenly it reminded me of Solero :D. On top of the vanilla ice-cream there is a spreading of round small colorful (I’m not sure what it is) but one thing for sure, it sure brings up my appetite . i never get tired breaking those round things one by one inside my mouth. Sadly it’s not that much to savor the taste . Then i proceed to the next phase, the jelly and ice blended phase. This is where i think the part that most people will get addicted easily . For example what happened to me. From the start i will keep drinking then chewing the jelly inside my mouth, after I’m done swallowing, the process repeated, non-stop until it finish. In the end, there goes my RM3.90.  Based on my observations, it is made up from vanilla ice-cream,ice-blended (lime flavor), homemade jelly (lime flavor also) and lastly the round small thingy @@. Perhaps i will just call it “telur katak”.

It’s becoming one of my favorite drinks since few years back until nowadays. so for those who haven’t try it yet then “jangan tunggu lama-lama” :D Recommended!!!!!


Nasi Goreng D’Limau (RM5.50)

I never knew they have this Nasi Goreng as one of their main dishes, As soon as i heard about it, i straight away ordered it eventhough Nasi Goreng was a common dish for me (because it’s cheap and fill up my belly quickly :P ).  I started to eat with the rice, to be honest there’s nothing much different from other kelantanese-made Nasi Goreng,(Most of the workers there are from kelantan) but something unusual about this Nasi Goreng is the Fish ball. I really like the way it taste. It have this salty taste but not too much. For me, one of the best way to eat it is by cutting it into a smaller pieces then mix it with the rice then eat it all together. Nyum Nyum :?:


Choco Cappuccino Ice(RM3.80) +Blended (RM1.00)

LOL, since when they started to charge Ice-Blended drinks this way, from the menu they put there RM3.80 but when i went to pay the bill suddenly got this extra RM 1. Or did i missed it somewhere from the menu


Char Kuew Teow Special (RM 4.50)

i was wondering what is so special about this Kuew Teow, as soon as it arrived on the table my 1st impression already like “em?”. 1st thing that came into my mind was “Bapak kecik”,i was thinking about the size of the Kuew Teow. Maybe because since i got used to a bigger size (from mamak’s and normal stalls). Anyway, i like the spicy taste of it,but my advice is not to pick this if you’re really hungry.

D'LimauNipis Restaurant & Cafe

Fyi D’Limau Nipis is made up from two different buildings separated by 7Eleven. Usually Kedai No.205 will be full with customers since it has a nicer view and cleaner environment compare to Kedai No.201 (I’m not saying it’s dirty, it’s just when you go there you can see the different). And of course we went into Kedai No.201 since I’m still trying to learn how to control my “Rasa-malu-nak tangkap-depan-orang-ramai” disease. :oops:. Anyway, If you’re staying near Bangi area, then unlock your Iphone, open the calendar, then mark this weekend as your “AKU-MESTI-PERGI-D’LIMAUNIPIS-SEBAB-BAMBANG-CAKAP-ICECREAM-DIA-SEDAP” day lol. Seriously, you won’t regret it. :)



Phew~ done my 1st review. More to come!

Stay tuned!!Until then,Have an enjoyable weekend.






Location : 205, JLN 8/1, Seksyen 8, Bandar Baru Bangi(Near Mcd)

Tel : 03-89256705

Operation Hours: 7am – 12.30 am (close every friday-3rd week except for public holiday)